Transforming the lives of poor and orphaned children in the Himalayan region.

Today, HYF UK helps provide education, training and care for the  underprivileged children in Nepal and Bhutan. We support Kailash hostel in Kathmandu, a home to 103 children, whilst older students are supported in vocational training and higher education. The Chokri vocational school in Bhutan currently has 150 children enrolled where we provide funds to make better provision for girls.

At present, HYF UK is working to support programmes for students by strengthening the quality of education and training and expanding extracurricular and vocational activities. To this end, we work with the local staff team to improve the quality of education and care so as to achieve better outcomes for the children and students.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to transform the lives of poor and orphaned children in the Himalayan region by providing them with a caring home and an Education.

Sponsoring Children

Our approach to care is to provide a safe home for the children and look after their Health, and Welfare in a family environment using trained and dedicated staff. Our model looks to provide sponsors for each child and encourage a friendly relationship.

Providing Education

Giving the children the chance of an education changes their lives and allows them to make a real contribution to their family and community.

Make a Donation to support our cause, or consider sponsoring a child as an individual, family or group of friends to positively transform their life chances.