Giving these children the chance of an education, changes their lives and allows them to make a real contribution to their family and community.



Kailash Home Schools Bursary

HYF UK works closely with the Kailash team to ensure a challenging but attainable education plan is put in place which addresses the educational needs of all the children. This plan is based on a thorough analysis of student progress and performance and discussion with our partner schools, staff and donor partners.

As a result, Kailash youngsters make consistently good or better progress and attainment. We provide additional educational support to students for all groups and individuals, including those requiring vocational education or access to higher education and training.

We keep our sponsors well informed on the educational and social progress of their child and welcome their input.

Sponsoring a child costs £1200 per year and is a long term commitment. If you are interested in learning more about the approach, please contact us at


Colleges & Vocational

Kailash Home College Bursary

The educational costs at the Colleges which the children attend for Grades 11 and 12 are higher than those in Junior Schools. An additional cost of $600 (£400) per head over and above the sponsorship funding of $1,900 (£1,200) is required. In a typical year we have 16 students at College representing a shortfall in funding of $9,600 (£6,300) per annum.

We are committed to providing our children with the best possible education. However, we recognise that not all of them are capable of progressing beyond Grade 10 or, in a few cases, of even reaching that standard. We are developing a programme to provide these children with practical "vocational" training in non-academic subjects, to prepare them for life after they leave Kailash Home.

Our College fund will accept individual donations, and will be used to support the children through the vital Grades 11 and 12 as well as on Vocational programmes.

Education University Fund

University Fund

Kailash Home Universally Bursary

Our sponsorship model stops at Grade 12, but many of our students have aspirations to attend University. Cost for University attendance in Nepal averages $3,000 (£2,000) per annum. These costs cover tuition and material costs only, as we expect the students to live in the community and contribute to their own living costs.

Some, but not all, of our existing sponsors will cover these costs, but we anticipate that, on average, 3 students will require external support generating an annual cost of £6,000.

Help for one student for one year is £2,000. Our University Fund will accept individual donations which will be used to create a fund to support the children through their exciting journey through University.