HYF UK projects support children in their native culture, providing them with the learning tools and job skills necessary to raise the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities at large

HYF UK is committed to turning children from illiteracy and deprivation towards happiness and belief in themselves as well as adding value to society.

At present, HYF UK is working to support programmes for students at the Kailash Home by strengthening the quality of education and training and expanding vocational activities. HYF UK trustees mentor and support local staff by providing specialist information, guidance and training to improve the quality of education and care so they may achieve better outcomes with the children and students. We are introducing programmes which develop students’ employability and enterprise skills through the establishment of horticulture, bicycle repair and bakery projects supported with design and IT elements to help develop students work related learning opportunities and enterprise skills.

Our strategy

We are committed to helping these children from a life of illiteracy and deprivation towards happiness in themselves and value to others and their community.  Through improved access to education, health services and care, we are able to make a positive change to their lives resulting in better life opportunities, greater inclusion, increased educational progress, higher attainment and well-being.  By providing training or access to employment or higher education we dramatically improve their life chances, helping to prepare our young people to make a positive contribution to their community, raising expectations and setting an example to others.

We work closely with our partners to support the development of the Himalayan Children’s Foundation, advising their trustees; assisting the development and implementation of policy; monitoring and evaluating practice; mentoring and training local staff and providing essential financial support for their programmes.

HYF UK trustees use their experience and expertise to support colleagues in Nepal in developing best practice to improve educational progress and raise the attainment of students and maintain the highest quality of care and safeguarding. We are working with the local team to develop student’s employability and enterprise skills to prepare them for vocational training, higher education and employment.