Our Mission is to Transform the lives of poor and orphaned children in the Himalayan region.

The Himalayan Youth Foundation UK (HYF UK) supports education projects for underprivileged children from remote regions of the Himalayas – projects which shelter and educate the children while providing food, clothing, love and medical care. Our commitment is to provide children with the learning tools and job skills necessary to raise the quality of life for themselves and for their communities at large.

We provide education in basic subjects along with modern subjects such as computers to help build a strong connection with the modern world all the while teaching the children about their historical traditions and crafts such as sculpture, painting, embroidery, carving, farming and mountain climbing. All of which are current and in-demand skills and will allow the children to be self-supporting, in turn sharing their knowledge and skills with their families to help improve everyone’s quality of life.

Mission - Centre picture